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By: Dr. Donna A. Pontoriero, Chiropractor

Traveling can be rough on the body. Whether you are traveling alone on business, or on your way to a sunny resort with your family, long hours in a car or on an airplane can leave you stressed, tired, stiff, and sore.

It's prolonged sitting that can wreak the havoc on your body. Even if you travel in the most comfortable car or opt to fly first class, certain pressures and forces from awkward positions can result in restricted blood flow. One of the biggest insults to your system from prolonged sitting is the buildup of pressure in the blood vessels in your lower legs. Contracting and relaxing the muscles helps the blood flow properly.

Treat travel like an athletic event. Warm up before settling into a car or a plane, and cool down once you reach your destination. In an airplane, get up and walk around every so often. On a long car ride, try to stop every couple of hours or so. Get out and take a brisk walk to stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles.

If you do experience pain and stress on your back, doctors of chiropractic are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat problems of the spine and nervous system.

Please contact our office if you would like further evaluation on your condition.

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